VivaSpa Percussion Massager

  • This thing is built to pulverize your muscles into feeling less sore
  • Comes with attachments for your spine, your legs, your chest, the soles of your feet, just about everywhere you need a massage
  • Handheld, 3 pressure modes, cool-looking, etc.
  • Model: M455463-1N-4-80TTL3
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Send A Massage To Your Muscles

There’s being achy, and then there’s experiencing aches.

Being achy is when you’re a little sore after that jog or that long walk. It’s when you finish a bike ride and remember: oh, that’s right, I have muscles in my thighs. It’s what happens when you don’t sleep so well and then work a full day at the standing desk.

What you do when you’re achy is you draw a bath. Or wet a washcloth. Maybe you have a low-impact massage pillow. Maybe you lie on the floor and go through some breathing exercises. Maybe you do some yoga with Adriene.

What we’re getting at is that being achy is uncomfortable, but there are plenty of simple, comforting solutions.

Experiencing aches is something entirely different. It’s what happens when you try and move that sheet of marble and accidentally lift with your back rather than your legs. Or when you wake up having slept in some unthinkable position and now you’re stuck all day with your head cocked like a curious dog because your neck hurts so bad. Or when you decide to put in a few extra miles on that run, and now you can’t take a step without feeling a sharp stabbing pain in your left arch.

In other words, intense aches are not just uncomfortable; they’re unlivable. And so you can’t solve them with some hot water and meditation. That’d be like a vet trying to put a horse under with half a Benadryl. No, for serious aches, you need a serious solution. Like this Vivaspa Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager.

How serious is it? Just fucking look at it! It’s like a power drill that took up boxing!

Here’s the rundown. It’s handheld. That means you can apply it wherever you need relief. Plus, it’s got 3 modes of pressure. That means it can handle anything. And it comes with a number of different attachable heads–like the spinal massager for handling back tissue and improving flexibility, or the round arm and leg massager, or the flathead chest massager, or the foot sole massager, or just the standard percussion massager. That means… well, also that it can handle anything.

Basically, what we’re getting at is that this is the massager you get when you want to pulverize your muscles into being more comfortable. So get one and start seriously loosening up that aching body of yours.

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