Vistatech 2.4GHz Live-Streaming WiFi Video Drone

  • Good for drone newbs and those who don’t want to drop five hundo on a flying camera
  • Includes 3 batteries
  • Can do the 360° flips
  • 6-Axis
  • Holds altitude and can take-off and land at the press of a button
  • Takes pictures and videos and can live stream
  • Model: DR0N35-0N-4ND-0N
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Drone Drama

When I, Claude Delaney, shocked the theater world nearly a decade ago by announcing that I would no longer work with human actors, but rather would put my efforts towards writing and directing silent plays to be performed by drones, people told me: “You’re mad!” They said, “It can’t be done!” They said, “You’ll regret this, Claude!”

Okay, mostly they said, “Wait, why?” Or, “Huh?”

Still, the point stands: they didn’t believe in me. Moreover, they didn’t believe in us. And yet, here we are, still doing our thing. Still performing our one act plays in parks packed with people who may or may not be there to watch our show.

But this was never supposed to be a mere busking operation. Which is why I’m excited to announce we will be doing our first ever full length this year! I signed the lease for a theater and picked up our new set of ‘actors’ this very morning.

For this production we will be using Vistatech 2.4GHz Live-Streaming WiFi Video Drones. That’s great for two reasons: first, they’re very easy to fly, with push-button takeoff and landing, and they’re capable of holding their altitude and doing 360 degree flips. Secondly, we can stream the performance online for those who can’t make it to the theater. That means, people can experience the play from a character’s point of view! How exciting!

Now, as usual, there will be no dialog, just drones flying around. But given the length, I want us to really work on our characters, okay? For example, Sergio, your drone is an oil baron, so I’d like you to pilot it with a sense of quiet menace. And Marla and Jaques? Your drones are a young couple, one of whom is sick and afraid she won’t see the ocean before she passes, so pilot them with a sense of tender affection. And Carl, Greg, Lola, Tammy, Handy, Jimbob, Tara, Jan, other Carl, Taylor, Dina, Leigh, and third Carl - you will make up the time-traveling drone cavalry, sent from the future to clean up the past. So pilot them in a way that conveys… that.

Oh, also, there will be 48 intermissions, to recharge the drones.

Anyway, we better get to work people! Art doesn’t make itself!

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