Verisonix Pro DJ Monitoring Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones

  • Hybrid Electrostatz Technology means they sound good without costing a ton of money
  • For more info, check out this review or this other review
  • Honestly, they sound dope as hell
  • And if you’re like, wait, Meh, how did you get these, it’s actually sorta interesting: Verisonix made these for a company called Mitchell and Johnson, but then Mitchell and Johnson shut down due to Brexit, leaving Verisonix with an excess that we were happy to take off their hands
  • We mention this because it’s totally fair to see $49 headphones on Meh and be like, “I bet they’re okay or whatever,” when, in fact, they’re very good
  • Model: V3R150N1X-TH3-H3D63H06
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Say No To Big Bluetooth

We’ll get to these Verisonix headphones in a minute. But first, a little nostalgia.

Do you all remember the cassette adapter? How it worked, I have no idea, but I loved it. All I needed to do was feed one end into my car’s cassette player and plug the other end into my Discman and I was in business, listening to all the mix CDs I could handle.

Then, my dad found something “even better”: a radio adapter. How did that work, you ask? It was so simple! All you had to do was make sure you had AAA batteries, spend twenty minutes looking for a sufficiently dead station to tune it to, plug it into your Discman, and press play. Then, you were in business for upwards of five minutes until you drove into range of that aforementioned “dead station.”

Our point is: just because wireless stuff is more advanced doesn’t always mean it’s better.

Our other point is: despite what Big Bluetooth might want you to believe, there are plenty of situations where you don’t need wireless stuff.

When you’re listening to a podcast while doing chores around the house and your phone’s low on battery and needs to remain plugged into the wall? Wireless headphones are great. When you’re on a Zoom seminar, and you hear the cat knocking things over in the living room? It’s also nice not to be tethered to something.

But if you’re back at the cubicle you haven’t seen since March of 2020, you might as well just plug in. And if you want to listen to some music while taking a casual stroll (assuming you have some sort of music-playing device with an aux-in), you’re not likely to get too tangled up if you choose to forgo your simple Bluetooth buds and instead opt to use a pair of really good wired headphones.

Which these are by the way: not just wired, but really good. We’ve gone over this in detail before, so I won’t waste too much time here. The quick hitter version: electrostatic headphones use static charge to vibrate the drivers, resulting in super clean sound. These, though, use something called “Hybrid Electrostatz Technology,” which means they still sound dope but don’t cost roughly one billion dollars.

Also, they’re big and a little in-your-face, which I think is a good thing, because it means you can avoid that thing that happens where someone just starts talking to you while you’ve got buds in, because somehow in 2021, they don’t understand that those little things in your ears aren’t hearing aids.

Why am I ending on that note? I don’t know. Point is: even in the wireless age, you can still get plenty of use out of some good wired headphones.

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