Vaux Portable Speaker & Battery for 2nd Gen Echo Dot Make Alexa Portable & Loud

  • Alexa is usually trapped
  • But now you can set her free
  • Model: 4L3X4-TR3B3K
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A Stir-Crazy Meh-rathon

TIP FOR THE HOMEBOUND: Don’t forget to talk!

What happens when you take off a few weeks from jogging? It’s hard to get back up to your usual speed and distance. And when you don’t cook your favorite meal for a while? You risk missing some steps and messing it all up.

The same thing could happen with talking. If you’re by yourself a lot, not talking to anyone, you might forget how! That’s why you need a smart speaker: it’s something who hears and responds to your voice.

A bonus: track your mental/emotional well-being by the quality of your questions. “Alexa, what’s the third most populous city in Pennsylvania?” Might be going a bit stir-crazy but you’re okay. “Alexa, does April begin with April Fools’ Day because it is the cruelest month?” Maybe it’s time to watch some Cheers or something.

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