Valkia Ultra Quiet True 3M-HEPA Activated Carbon Filter Air Purifier

  • Quiet enough that you might forget you have it and buy a second one if we sell them again
  • Okay, not actually that quiet
  • Can deal with big particles, really tiny stuff, and everything in between
  • Cycles air up to 5 times per hour for rooms up to 320 sq. ft.
  • Does this celebrate a classic Nintendo franchise: No, so if that’s what you’re looking for, maybe head over to Mediocritee
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Rethink Your Stink

“What stinks in here?”

That’s a question people often ask when they return home from an extended vacation, shortly after the elation of being done with travel for the foreseeable future fades.

Some of that “stink” is actually just stale air. It’s been stuck inside, stagnating while you’ve been away. Some of that smell might have an easy explanation. Maybe you forgot to take out the trash before you left. Or maybe your pet sitter left the cat boxes for you to deal with. Some of it might be attributable to your absence: no one was around to cook nice-smelling meals, for example.

But this might also speak to a scarier truth: that your entire life is built on a foundation of stink.

In some ways, might your home’s post-vacation smell really be its “true smell”? After all, you might contribute some good smells, but you also contribute some bad ones as well. By which we mean, it’s possible that your house is stinkier when you’re in it, but you don’t realize it because you’ve acclimated.

Which is all to say: you should get an air purifier. Like this one.

The big selling point here is that it’s quiet. Like, super quiet. And that matters because you shouldn’t have to trade air pollution for noise pollution. You don’t want to have to turn closed captions on just to know what the judges on GBBO are saying because there’s a big machine huffing and puffing away to provide you with crisp clean air.

But more important than its volume is its ability. With a true 3M-HEPA filter and 3-step filtration, it’ll take care of anything from big particles (like hairs or fibers) all the way down to stuff that’s as small as 0.01 microns, effectively eliminating 99.97% of harmful irritants from the air. In other words: stuff that’ll make you sneeze, stuff that’ll make your eyes water, and stuff that’ll make you think, dang, why is it so musty in here?

And btw, that stuff is annoying enough now. It’ll only get worse when your house is all shut up for the winter.

So get an air purifier today, and enjoy some cleaner air!

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