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Tzumi 4-Port HyperCharge AC Power Adapter with QC 3.0

  • With this, you can turn 1 dumb outlet into 4 USB ports.
  • USB, by the way, stands for “Useful? Seriously, Buddy!”
  • The red is the speed port. It can charge any phone, but only certain phones will actually charge faster.
  • 2019, the year of the charge, continues!
  • Model: U-5-5P33D.
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The Power of Literature

Okay, so let’s address the most obvious question: what’s the deal with the red port? That one’s for speed charging. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work with all phones. The speed charging, that is. It will charge any phone; it just might not charge it fast if it’s not on this list.

Still, turning one outlet into four USB charging ports is pretty awesome, speed or no speed. Having more places to plug in means your phone will always be charged, and that’s good for your social life, your work life, and literature.

Wait, literature? Yes, literature!

More and more authors today are turning away from the typewriter and the computer, opting instead to compose their masterworks on the devices they have with them at all times: their smart phones. Here are just a few famous wordsmiths who write primarily by tapping that touchscreen:

  • iJoan Didion,
  • Anne Texton,
  • Jack Kerouapp,
  • Ringtoni Morrison,
  • Mary Celly,
  • Honoré de Callzac,
  • Stephen Ring,
  • Samsung Galexandre Dumas,
  • Case-andra Clare,
  • RAZR Bradbury,
  • and Jodi Picoupthedamnphone.

Of course, the list could go on for pages and pages, so if you don’t see your favorite cell phone author’s name here, feel free to post it in the comments. In the meantime, buy this Tzumi 4-Port HyperCharge AC Power Adapter. At worst, it’ll keep your phone charged for SnapChat. At best, it might inspire you to write the next great American novel!

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