Goat Toy Day 10


Did you know that you needed a desktop trebuchet? You’ll need a big desk though, it’s about 2 feet long and a foot wide, but it will throw stuff 20-30 feet.

It is a kit, so assembly required. Everything is precut and drilled (though I think you need to cut some of the dowels), but it can be fiddly, so take your time, and let the glue set up before moving onto the next step. I know this is heresy, but read, and re-read the instructions before starting. Some things need to assembled in order.

But the results are worth it.

I’ve been in love with the trebuchet ever since I saw this:

Well, that’s disappointing, let me see if I can find an embeddable video. (Skip to 1:43 for the action.)

There are several different kits out there, and catapults and crossbows too. I got mine from ThinkGeek several years ago. It’s on Amazon for $26.