Tytan Tiles 80-Piece Magnetic Learning TileS Storage Bag (Open Box)

  • Magnetic tiles for building
  • Building geometric things
  • Like boxes
  • Maybe like a… puzzle box
  • Open box but brand new
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We've Created A Monster

Anyone else getting tired of the same old monsters. Dracula? More like Drab-ula! Zombies? A bunch of real zom-bozos! Werewolves? Get-the-hell-outta-here, wolves! Enough with the masked killers using gardening implements, with the typical ghosts and ghouls, and enough with the clowns! No, it’s about time we forge a bold new direction in horror. I’ve even roped in our own resident monster-sculptor @KoolHandJoe for his expert opinions on the matter. Let’s see what we’ve got.


Cough, cough. You hear it in the night. Down the foggy street. Cough, cough. There it is again. There’s nobody in sight. Cough, cough. The streetlights start to go out. You can hear something heavy being dragged on the ground. Footsteps. “Who’s there?” No response. Cough, cough, cough. The dragging stops, but there is a grunt. You turn to look and all you can see is a flimsy wooden coffin coming down on your head. Coughin’ Carl strikes again.

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