Turbo Scrub 360 Cordless Power Scrubber

  • Two speeds of scrubbing POWER: low POWER, and high POWER
  • Will POWERFULLY remove grime from tiles, glass, tubs, corners, grout, and more
  • A truly POWERFUL wand (and by POWERFUL, we mean extendable)
  • Like 4 feet worth of power… It extends up to 4 feet with the extension wand
  • Model: TRUTH-2-P0W3R
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Beautiful Scrubery

You know that thing that happens when you come home and you’re like, “The house sure smells like garbage”? And then you realize it’s, you know, the garbage? And what’s more, your house has probably smelled that way for at least a few days? Only you haven’t noticed it? Because you’ve been living in the stink?

Or what about when you go to work and your coworker is like, “Hey, you got a haircut”? And you don’t know how to respond? Because you didn’t get a haircut? You just showered for the first time in a few days?

Or, one more: what if you’ve got a dog with white fur? And you know it’s been a minute since you gave old Fido a bath? But you’re like, “He doesn’t look so bad”? And then winter comes and it snows? And against such a true white background, it turns out your filthy white dog is actually more of a light khaki?

Point is, sometimes really gross stuff is right in front of you, and you don’t realize it. And this is probably what’s going on with the various tile surfaces around your house.

It’s the blessing and the curse of tile, right? How simple it seems? You spill something on a rug, and you immediately go into disaster-clean-up mode. But tile is so hard and sleek that anything you drop on it wipes right away with nothing more than a paper towel.

At least, that’s how it seems after a quick glance. But a prolonged stare? That’ll reveal just how nasty those things really are. So what we want you to do is find a tile surface in your house. And we want you to gaze into it, deeply. And when you finally see its depth of disgustingness and your skin starts to crawl and the bile starts to creep up your throat, we want you to return to your computer or your phone or whatever you’re using to view this page. And we want you to hit the buy button on this Turbo Scrubber.

With two power settings and a waterproof head, it’s ready to take on any level of tile grime. Also: tub grime. Also also: glass grime. Really, we’re talking all sorts of grime here. And thanks to its extendable wand, you won’t have to be down on your hands and knees to get the job done.

In other words, it’s the solution for all those surfaces in your home that you don’t even realize are super duper gross. But they are. Trust us. So get a power scrubber and start really cleaning up.

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