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TravelSmart by Conair All-in-One Adapter

  • Make the outlets in Europe work for you
  • Surge protection (but pronounced ‘pro-take-see-yon’ because Europe)
  • Cheap enough you’ll feel stupid if you don’t get it
  • In terms of Conair, we talking hair dryers or Cage: unfortunately, the former
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Plugged In

A while ago, it felt like every product was its own unique thing with its own unique pieces. A Sony thing would have a different memory card than a Philips thing. Apple things and Samsung things and Blackberry things–all of them had entirely different chargers, entirely different interfaces, entirely different everything.

Now, stuff is mostly ubiquitous. Some built-in storage, some cloud-based storage, USB-C cables, etc. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the golden age of incompatibility simply by paying an exorbitant amount of money to go on a European vacation!

Obviously, we’re being facetious. There’s nothing fun or exciting about touching down across the pond and finding out that none of your stuff can plug into the wall. This thing solves that problem. It’s a travel adaptor with built-in surge protection, so whether you’re heading to Berlin or Madrid, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to charge your stuff.

And at only 8 bucks, it’s nearly $20 cheaper than it is on Amazon, which is one of the reasons today is a great day to buy one. The other reason: the sooner you get your travel adaptor, the sooner you can get to Europe. Which means, you can enjoy an authentic European travel experience before a lot of cities sign corporate sponsorship deals.

That’s right, soon enough, you’ll see names like these on a map of Europe:

  • Copenhagen-Daaz
  • Shutterstockholm
  • RomeGoods
  • OsLowe’s
  • Barceloandepot
  • Reykja-Vicks
  • Pragueressive
  • Budabest-Buy
  • P(ol)aris
  • Istan-Red-bul

Just let us have some fun, okay? And then buy this adaptor so you can have fun all throughout Europe!

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