TAMO Extended Battery Cases for iPhone 6, 7 & 8

  • You have a choice… but not really: one of these works for the iPhone 6, the other for the iPhone 7 & 8.
  • Oh, but you can choose a color! Our bad!
  • These make your iPhone charge faster, doubles its battery life, and protects it.
  • What’s the catch here? Do they whistle songs to themselves? Do they smell bad? It sounds a little too good to be true…
  • Model: 13. (That’s actually the number of different things being offered here, between the phone-compatibility and the color; we don’t want to waste that much space, c’mon!)
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Charging Expectations

When we offered these just over a year ago for iPhone 6 only, we sold a bunch: almost 900 to be exact! Or… not exact… because I said “almost.” Anyway, we’re offering them again, but this time we’ve also got the version that’s compatible with the iPhone 7 and 8 too. That’s right! You can can get all same cool features–protection, faster charging, double the battery life, etc.–for your device that isn’t a half-decade old!

This sale really confirms what we’ve been thinking for a little while now: 2019 truly is the year of the charge. In less than two months, we’ve sold a variety of cables and charging pads, some little key things for plugging your phone into your computer at work, even a speaker dock (which, in the age of the bluetooth speaker, is really just a bulky loud charging port).

But is this a good thing? Yes, it’s important to have your phone ready-to-go so you can remain plugged into the world at large. But it also means you’re always connected, or more importantly, that other people know you’re always connected. In other words, if you get a text message and you want to put off your response for whatever reason, you can no longer say, “Sorry I missed this! My phone died!” Because who’s going to believe that anymore?

And yet, we need something to explain ourselves when a notification flashes across the screen and we just don’t have it in us to respond right away. That’s why, in addition to offering these Tamo Extended Battery Cases, we’re also providing you with three FREE excuses for a less-than-timely reply. Check them out:

  1. “Sorry! I was crafting a pillow and accidentally sewed my phone inside. When it vibrated I just assumed I had made a massage pillow by accident. I only realized my mistake some hours later when I rested my head upon it and felt the hard block my phone within.”

  2. “Oh no! I just saw your text. The reason for my delay was that some merry prankster put a sticker showing an image of my lock screen over my actual screen! I kept thinking, ‘Why is it buzzing? There are no notifications!’ At any rate, I have just now returned from what was a very embarrassing trip to the Genius Bar.”

  3. “Hey there! Pardon the hold-up on my response. You see, I planned a little stay-cation for this weekend, and to get myself into the right mindset for it, I did what I always do before real vacations: I sat in cramped quarters for five hours with my phone on airplane mode. Apologies!”

There you have it: three great ways to avoid immediacy! Of course, if you have better excuses, feel free to post them in the comments. And, if you want keep your iPhone alive for longer, check out these Tamo Extended Battery Cases!

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