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Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Plus Fitness Tracker & Smart Watch

  • A watch that watches you
  • It’ll track your steps, calories burned in a day, how long you’ve been walking, your heart rate, all that stuff
  • Get alerts from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Slack, etc. right on your wrist, because that’s what we all need now, to be more plugged in
  • Keep track of your habits, like how many calories you consume and how much water you drink (not like how you always seem to eat cereal for dinner on Wednesdays or whatever)
  • Model: STRV01-011-0A-000 TPU; Started off so strong and straightforward, and then went off the deep end
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Watch Your Step

Yes, a watch like this is great for checking your heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned while exercising. But you know what makes it even more useful? How it keeps track of the exercise you get when you’re not even trying to exercise. That’s right, we’re talking about your daily steps! Because, sure, you can set a weight-lifting goal or keep a diary of everything you eat, but it’s just as important to know how much you move in a given day.

Especially because, as we said, it’s not exactly something you plan to do. You might get a new office at work, for example, one that’s further from the coffee machine, and so now, every time you need a pick-me-up, you’re going a bit further. It probably doesn’t feel like much, but if you’re a real-deal coffee hound, it could add thousands of steps each day. And those extra steps mean more calories burned!

On the other hand, maybe you were used to walking to the graphic t-shirt shop down the street once a week to see what cool new designs they had in, but now that Mediocritee is here, you don’t have to do that anymore. Oh, are you unfamiliar with Mediocritee? No worries, we’ll explain: it’s the relatively new shirt site from the people that brought you Meh. Every Monday, at 11am Eastern, 2 related designs are put up. You can buy one of them for $10 or both for just $15. It’s really great and this week’s Halloween-themed designs are perfect for your spooktacular seasonal wardrobe!

Anyway, as we were saying, since you can just go to Mediocritee rather than to the actual t-shirt store, you might not be walking as much. But with a Striiv Fitness Tracker & Smart Watch, you’d know. And then you could make up for it. For example, you could walk around and tell people about Mediocritee!

Or, whatever.

It doesn’t matter to us how you make those steps back; what matters is that you maintain healthy habits, which is easier than ever thanks to this Striiv Fitness Tracker & Smart Watch!

Also, buy some Mediocritee shirts please.

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