Spectrum Noir 24-Piece TriBlend Alcohol Marker Set (72 Colors)

  • Very good markers by a very good marker brand
  • The 24 of them can be broken down, resulting in 72 total colors
  • Perfect gradation of colors from light to dark per marker
  • Alcohol based ink is great for blending and layering
  • Plus, they won’t roll
  • From the UK, love!
  • Model: M4RK3R-MY-W0RD5
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"We Don't Roll Like That"

Each of the 24 markers in this set can be broken down, thus resulting in an array of 72 different colors and shades.

Plus, they’re designed not to roll off tables!

Now, a gimmicks like these can be evidence of one of two things: pure condescension, or utter hubris.

In the case of the former, we’re talking about a product with a unique feature that’s there solely to distract you from the fact that they’re just not very good at doing the main thing they’re designed to do. Like a crummy restaurant with “fully customizable meals,” or a corner-cutting automobile manufacturer that boasts a more pleasant dealership experience.

In other words: bad.

So, it’s lucky that these markers don’t meet this criteria. Quite the contrary, actually, UK-based Spectrum Noir is a leader in the marker industry. Which means, they fit comfortably into the latter category described above: utter hubris.

Because what is it aside from an absolute flex to design markers this way?

Seriously, what are they saying if not: “We got sorta bored churning out great markers, so we decided, hey! Let’s find a way to fit more colors into a compact package. Oh, and, by the way, we also decided to take care of that other issue too. You know, the one that isn’t even a major problem? Where the worst possible outcome is a marker rolling under a low table or something? Yeah, we fixed that. For funsies. Because we just had so much free time, what with having perfected our approach to colorful-ass art utensils and all.”

Honestly, if you were another marker company and you saw this, how would you not just dissolve your entire brand immediately and retire with your head hung low to a remote island where all there is to write or draw are pencils and black pens?

Fine, we’re being dramatic. But the point stands: this marker set is good, colorful, and built to stay put. So buy them!

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