Need License Plate ideas


So I figured out today that the license plates on my new truck (F150) never really transferred (long story) so I need to get new plates. I could be boring and get the randomly generated ones, but I like to have a little fun. I’m a married 40something y.o. IT guy with 3 daughters. We live in Ohio and I have an abnormally large … (not that) Lego collection and love to DIY (just finished the basement). I’ve lived in 2 countries (US and AUS) and 10 states and visited probably another 20 countries and 30 states. Let me know what you all would recommend. Here are some ideas I’ve thought up. Only rule is it has to be available on the website (yes it’s a real site). And yes, plain old Meh is gone In Ohio too.

ID TEN T (very inside joke for IT people, see if you get it)
U IDTEN T (A variation on the previous one)
WOOT MEH (I’ve been here a long time, only recently retired my USB woot off lights)
IRK MEH (Getting with the new)
MEH GOAT (I don’t think I qualify yet)
LEGOOH (could be Lego Ohio or just LegoOOO!)
C DA WRLD (kinda like hello world)
DIY TOO (kinda simple)
IMA DORK (not sure they would approve it, and while I am not ashamed that I am a little odd not sure I want it on my license plate)
FRST TRK (yes, it’s my first pickup ever, even though I lived in TX for 6 years)
1ST FORD (yes my first Ford too)
WOOT OFF (Again showing my age, but this might also be sacrilegious)
BRKFST OCTPS (How fun would that be, but alas this one is too long)

Give me your ideas or tell me if you prefer one of mine. If I decide to use your idea, I’ll send you your very own IRK made up of whatever random crap I have lying around (and yes, I have a lot of that if you ask my wife).