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SoundBot SB572 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Speaker

  • It’s a little speaker that sounds like… well, probably a little speaker still, but a good little speaker
  • Will bump those tunes for 10 hours
  • Resists both shock and water! What will power!
  • Model: SB572, where the SB stands for either SoundBot or Such Beautifulsound
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New Year, New(ish) Speaker

Musicians! Their songs can evoke in us exuberant joy, profound sadness, and anything in between with nothing more than a few simple words and a chord progression. But there are times when it seems like musicians are not merely playing our heartstrings. No, often they speak directly to us, effortlessly dissecting our current world… even if their songs themselves are generations old.

Take, for example, the seminal Beatles song “Help.” How could Sir Paul and the bunch have possibly known, back in 1965, that in 2020 I would need help!

And then there’s this 2003 track by the seemingly defunct Green Day new wave side project, The Network:

What do the lyrics mean? Not sure. Honestly, I wasn’t really listening very carefully. But that part in the middle, the chorus if you will, when they sing “Money Money, 2020”? I felt that. Because it’s 2020, and we’re here at Meh trying to make some money money.

And maybe you felt it too, as in, it’s 2020 and you’re looking for something to do with your money money. In which case, maybe buy one of these SoundBot portable bluetooth speakers. It won’t cost a ton of money money, just $15. And it’s not a bad little speaker either, according to the Amazon reviews, where it maintains an average of 4 stars based on 125 ratings. Just scroll down and you’ll see a lot of positive buzz, from the hyperbolic (“Best little Speaker/Music box yet!”) to the more reasonable (“Not the best speaker in the world but it suits our needs”).

So why not get one for yourself? You can even use it to stream more songs by The Network! My favorite is Joe Robot. But honestly their whole album’s pretty good.

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