Somacare TENS Muscle Stimulation Unit with 7-Piece Reusable Heat Pack Set

  • The stimulation kit… uhh… stimulates your muscles, and is great for acute and chronic pain
  • The heat pack… uhh… heats, and is great for soothing sore and tense muscles
  • In other words, this bundle is great for after a long workout, or dealing with your regular tennis elbow
  • This guy says the “orange ones” (Heat Packs) are better, compared to the “blue ones”
  • Model: U53-50M4-MU5CL3
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Gimme Soma That

In honor of this Somacare Muscle Stimulation Kit (with a set of heat packs) and “Flight Maps” (two beautiful designs celebrating, well, flight, available now from Mediocritee), we present:

A Bird-Brained Bird Joke

Thus concludes:

A Bird-Brained Bird Joke

And don’t forget: these designs are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!

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