Somacare Digital TENS Muscle Stimulation Unit

  • The electric vibrations treat chronic and acute pain
  • Great for when you just got back from a long run
  • Or if you tweak your back leaning down to pick up something off the floor
  • Model: 61MM3-50M4-TH4T
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Muscle Stimmy

KATE: Hi, I’m Kate Hellman, and I’ve completed ten Iron Man events, twenty marathons, and countless other mud runs, triathlons, and 5ks. When I’m not out training, I’m either at the gym, where I teach a spin class, or in the basement, lifting weights and getting a few rounds in on the punching bag. As you can imagine, my muscles can get pretty sore.

DALE: Hi, I’m Dale Clark. I get winded walking one flight of stairs, and whenever my friends call on me to help them move, they’re amazed at just how little I can lift. Yesterday, I spent two hours scrolling through Twitter. But since I haven’t gotten a new prescription for my glasses, I had to lean in real close to the screen, and now my back is killing me.

KATE: The point is, we’re very different when it comes to our level of physical activity.

DALE: But regardless of that, we both still have our uses for the Somacare Digital TENS Muscle Stimulation Unit.

KATE: It provides highly effective treatment for chronic and acute pain, which makes it perfect for my aching legs after I get in from a rough twenty-miler.

DALE: Or for my neck when I fall asleep on the couch at an awkward angle watching HGTV home renovation shows.

KATE: Or when I finish up some capoeira.

DALE: Or when I lean down a little too fast.

KATE: Or when I do some rock climbing.

DALE: Or when I slip on the ice, almost fall, manage to catch myself, and yet still somehow tweak something in my thigh.

KATE: Wait, there’s ice where you are?

DALE: Oh, no. This happened a while ago. It just still hurts.

KATE: Point is, we all could use some pain relief.

DALE: Which means we could all use a Somacare Digital TENS Muscle Stimulation Unit!

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