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Smith Optics Sunglasses

  • Cool hip everyday sunglasses
  • Or sport sunglasses that’ll make you look like you just came from tryouts for the X-Games
  • These are good and $46 is actually pretty cheap
  • Model: MR-4ND-MR5-5M1TH
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They Look Cool

Would you be surprised to learn that sunglasses are one of the hardest things to write about?


Especially from us, given that we sell some of the dumbest, weirdest stuff you can find. But that’s just it: that bizarre product that doesn’t make any sense? All we need to do is explain it and voila! There’s about two or three hundred words there. Find an intro and a way to wrap it all up, and you’re done.

But sunglasses? Everyone knows what sunglasses are for. They make the sky less painful to look at. And even with high quality sunglasses like these from Smith Optics, it’s like, what are we supposed to do? We can tell you they’re great, that they’re well-constructed, that we’re offering some hip everyday sunglasses and some more sport-oriented sunglasses that’ll compliment your mountain bike. But in the end, you’re going to look at them and say either: “they look cool” or “they don’t look cool.” And that’s all there is to the decision.

So how do we fill this space? What about by coming up with fake songs Corey Hart considered recording following the success of “Sunglasses At Night"?

Here we go:

“Regular Glasses To Bed”

“Ironed, Pleated Khakis On My Day Off”

“Mittens In Summer”

“Steal-Toed Boots To The Pillow-Kicking Contest”

“Rain Slicker In The Tanning Bed”

“Scarves At My Gig As A Model For A Life-Drawing Class, Specifically On The Day When They’re Drawing Necks”

“Mittens Again But This Time When I’m Working As A Baseball Coach Where I Am Expected To Make Complicated Hand Signals”

“Plate Of BBQ Spare Ribs To The Buffet Where There Are No BBQ Spare Ribs (And Before You Ask, No, It’s Not Like They Were In That Last Empty Bin; The Point Is This Buffet Doesn’t And Never Has Had BBQ Spare Ribs)”

Feel free to come up with your own in the comments. Or just buy some cool sunglasses. That’s fine too.

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