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Singtrix Family Bundle Karaoke System (Refurbished)

  • “Greatest innovation to the singing experience since karaoke was invented,” is something this thing claims.
  • And, like, wow, there’s a lot to unpack in that.
  • Regardless of its place in the history of singing, though, there’s no denying that it’s pretty cool.
  • Features 300 effects, and offers 3 levels of enhancement from beginner to pro, so your voice will sound good even if you’re a terrible singer.
  • “Works with the thousands of free YouTube karaoke & lyric videos, MP3 Music, and apps from your smart phone, tablet or computer,” is a far less dubious claim than the first one.
  • As seen on Shark Tank!
  • Model: SGTXCOMBO1. SGTX stands for “Sounds great, thanx!” The rest? We have no idea.
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Sound Like You Sound In Your Head

Usually when we sell stuff that’s “as seen on TV,” it’s from infomercials or programs shown on channels you might never know existed if you didn’t visit your grandparents once a year. But this Singtrix? It’s been on real television. As in, it was featured on Shark Tank:

After that pitch, these dudes got four offers of $1.5 million each. But don’t worry, we’re only asking for an investment of $119 for you to take this thing home TODAY! Or, like, whenever it arrives in the mail.

Real talk, though: it’s pretty cool. It’s basically an easy-to-use karaoke/singing system with 300 effects, which means it’ll make your voice–yes, YOUR voice–sound damn good. That means, next time you host a karaoke night at your house, you don’t need to worry about that awkward karaoke thing happening where the person who’s set to sing before you chooses some ensemble song from Les Mis and nails every single part, leaving you to self-consciously stammer through “Edge of Seventeen” while staring at your feet.

(Btw, “Edge of Seventeen” is a terrible karaoke song. It is five times longer and twenty times more packed with lyrics than you remember.)

But, of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, or the word of its creators from a heavily edited television appearance. You can just head over to Youtube, search for ‘Singtrix,’ and see a ton of videos of real people toying around with it.

Like this one of a guy who seems incredibly bored at what looks like a rave:

Or this one of a guy singing a song that would be the perfect backing track for a over-serious truck commercial:

Or this one of comedian Reggie Watts trying out a bunch of its effects:

Now, there’s no telling if these folks are good singers to start with (except Reggie Watts, who does have a nice singing voice, IMO). But that’s kinda the point, right? Thanks to the Songtrix, they sound good no matter their skill level.

And you will too!

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