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  • Choose a nice simple Meh logo shirt in one of four colors for $8, OR…
  • Let us choose a random Meh shirt for $7 (a 12.5% savings for yielding 100% of your control over your purchase)
  • These shirts will take a little longer to get to you than the other things we sell
  • Oh, and we’re limiting the quantity to two, so more of you get them
  • All shirts are American Apparel (model 2001 for men’s and 2102 for women’s), made in the USA in a factory no longer owned by that perverted creep you may have heard about
  • Sizes run small, especially for the ladies, so consider sizing upward, especially if you like a loose fit or you are a lady
  • Model: 2001, 2102 (we were going to make a joke about the vast gap in quality between those two movies, then we noticed that one is 2102, not 2012, so we wrote this instead)
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Shirt is the new nude.

The fashion cognoscenti have weighed in, all the major style meccas have been heard from, the tastemakers all agree: shirts are one of the things you can wear on the top half of your body. If you’re not wearing a shirt, you’re wearing something else, or nothing.

Like the grubby capitalists we are, we think that shirt might as well be smeared with our stupid logo. So we’re offering you a choice of bonafide for real no-shit American Apparel shirts with a Meh logo for $8, or a random Meh shirt for $7. If we’re lucky, we break even. Those are the facts about this deal.

But what about the facts about t-shirts? For something so familiar, it’s amazing how little we know about it. We’re on the case! Here’s what our crack research team found out about those little short-armed headless bastards we call t-shirts:

FACT: T-shirts took their name from their eccentric inventor, Herman Tee, who himself hated that name, preferring to call them “torso pals”. Tee became notorious for filing libel suits against any newspaper that credited him with inventing the t-shirt, until his 1937 commitment to a mental hospital.

FACT: T-shirts failed to find wide acceptance until the development of the fabric version we all know today. The earliest t-shirts were made of aluminum, tree bark, or “Mobion”, a synthetic resin refined from whale oil.

FACT: It was illegal for women in the United States to wear t-shirts until 1979.

FACT: The television show Miami Vice popularized the wearing of a t-shirt under a blazer lightly dusted with cocaine.

FACT: President George H.W. Bush won election in 1988 by pledging to crack down on the most widespread crime plaguing American cities and suburbs: unauthorized Batman t-shirts.

FACT: The record for the highest price ever paid for a souvenir t-shirt was set at a 2007 auction, when an anonymous buyer payed $1.7 million for a t-shirt from the Yalta Conference of 1945 worn by Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov.

FACT: Every year, thousands of believers make a pigrimage to Thedford, Nebraska, to see a plain white Hanes t-shirt with a barbecue-sauce stain resembling Oral Roberts.

FACT: Promotional t-shirts originally given to participants in charity walks make up approximately 48% of the total mass of all American thrift stores.

We bet your t-shirt feels smarter already. The rich history of the t-shirt just goes to show, when you need a light garment to cover your chest, stomach, back, and shoulders, the t-shirt is definitely an option to consider.

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