Sharper Image Shiatsu Foot and Calf Compression Massager

  • Your shoulders aren’t the only thing that could use a massage
  • The perfect gift for that person who’s running around all holiday season making stuff feel special (even if that person is you)
  • Rolling shiatsu techniques, air compression, and heat
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but if you pour yourself a marg and then use thing, wowza does that sound nice!
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Foot The Bill

We are fully in gifting season now. And this would be a great gift for the person who makes gifting season feel so magical.

Here’s the thing: many of us discuss the holidays as a time of indulgence. From Thanksgiving straight through to New Year’s materializes before us as one extended cheat day. We lay endless gifts down before our sweet tooth, our fat tooth, our carb tooth, and our booze tooth, all the while making vague promises about cleaning up our act once we hang the new calendar.

Now, we’re as guilty as anyone at discussing this time of year as something that just happens. Yet we all know the truth: that big, expansive turkey dinner? Someone’s gotta cook that. And all those pies and Christmas cookies and fruit cakes? Someone’s gotta bake those. The perfectly made table? The garlands? The house spotless enough that even the sourest of in-laws can’t find fault? Someone’s gotta do all that work too. The boozy eggnog and mulled wine and hot buttered rum? Someone’s gotta mix that stuff up.

(Although, at least in the case of eggnog, you can do it in, like, July if you use this recipe from Alton Brown. We mix up a big batch every summer in anticipation of the holidays and it’s always a hit! Though be warned, this is not a mildly alcoholic cocktail. It packs a PUNCH!)

Our point is: there’s work to be done to create that jolly holiday atmosphere, and more than likely, one member of the household shoulders an outsized portion of the burden. Or, maybe “shoulders” is the wrong word, because the thing about all this cooking and baking and cleaning and dusting and booze-mixing is that it requires one to be on their feet.

And so, even if your holiday magic-maker might not consider themselves an athlete, they complete athletic feats every day leading up to the holidays and straight on through. Hence, they might enjoy the gift of a nice lower leg massage. That’s what this thing does. With rolling shiatsu techniques, air compression, and heat (that can be turned on and off), it soothes your doggies and also your cowies too. (By which we mean, your calves. Get it? Cows? Calves? Eh?) In other words, it’s the perfect thing for after a grueling marathon training session. Or, you know, cooking turkey and seven sides for Uncle Josh who will definitely let you know exactly how he feels about the silkiness of the mashed potatoes.

So get one and gift it to the person who makes the season special! And then, give them a bunch of other stuff too, because they deserve a lot more than this.

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