Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Vacuum (Refurbished)

Inspected and tested to be in full working condition. As a refurbished item, expect some cosmetic wear and tear.

  • The dual brushroll design gets big and small particles out of your carpet
  • And not only will the vacuum clean your floor; it’ll CLEAN ITSELF
  • (It features a self-cleaning brush roll)
  • Plugs into the wall
  • Model: T0NY-5H4RK
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Easy On The Mind

We’ll get to this vacuum in a minute. But first, we need to ask: have you ever put something off for hours, or days, or even weeks, only to finally sit down, do it, and realize, ‘Wait, that’s it? That’s what I was so dreading, that task that took a total of fifteen minutes?’

Don’t feel bad if the answer is yes. Don’t feel bad if the answer is all the friggin’ time. Everyone has been there: cobbling together some mediocre dinner from canned beans and flour because we don’t want to take a twenty minute trip to the grocery store; telling ourselves ‘the recycling bin’s only half-full anyway’ because we don’t want to put on shoes and take it down to the curb; putting off responding to that work email that requires us to write, ‘sounds good,’ because, for some reason, it feels entirely insurmountable; leaving that granola bar wrapper on the counter instead of putting a new bag in the bin; etc.

Some motivational speaker might say that this is bad. They might say, ‘You need to fight that urge and power through to ACHIEVE!’

We see it differently. Our opinion: you need to accept that certain seemingly small things possess an outsized psychic weight. And so you don’t need to fight through these moments when you cower before a seemingly minor task; you need to find ways to trick yourself into doing them right away. Like buying a few extra freezable/pantry-stable food items each grocery trip so you always have some backup. Or leaving a pair of slip-on shoes by the door. Or using Gmail’s auto reply functions. Or putting a bag at the bottom of the bin, so it’s staring right at you when you take out the garbage.

Or buying this Shark Vacuum.

First of all, it’s a shark, so it’s good. It’s got DuoClean technology (i.e. two brush rolls) to get at all the particles hiding out in your carpet, from the microscopic to the gargantuan, and as much suction power a big honkin’ roll-it-around vacuum, but in a package that is neither big nor honkin’. Instead, it’s a super light, easy-to-maneuver, plug-it-into-the-wall stick vac. In other words, it possesses very little physical or psychic weight. There’s no effort involved in taking it out of wherever you’re storing it or remembering to charge it, which means you’ve got two fewer reasons to delay vacuuming the rug in the living room for another week.

Basically, what we’re saying is: stop fighting your own humanity and get a good, lightweight vacuum that you’ll actually use from a brand you can trust.

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