Shark PRO Cordless Vacuum w/ Self-Cleaning PowerFins Brushroll (Refurbished)

  • It’s a Shark, so you know it’s powerful
  • It’s a stick vac, so you know it’s light and maneuverable
  • It’s professionally renewed, so you get a used price tag on a like-new vacuum
  • Pictures are from our actual inventory, by the way
  • Vacuum displayed extended and contracted for storage
  • Favorite member of Devo: Shark Mothersbaugh
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Forgetting Something?

Why do you need a good, easy-to-use stick vacuum? Because you’re about to leave the house, and you just realized you forgot THING X.

What does this mean?

We’ll explain.

First, let’s talk about THING X. It could be anything, really. Your baby’s teddy bear. A poop bag for your dog. Your wallet. Your phone. That thing you’ve been meaning to return to the store. Your water bottle. Something you want to take with you and failed to take with you.

If you’re lucky, you remember before you’ve put on or tied your shoes to leave. If you’re less lucky you already laced those bad boys up. If you’re even less lucky than that, those bad boys are a big pair of boots that are kinda annoying to get on and off. And if you’re the least lucky, you’re already outside and halfway down the driveway before you realize you forgot it.

So, what do you do?

The staunchest neat freaks out there might take their shoes off at the door, walk into the house in socked feet, grab THING X, and leave. But a lot of you, flustered by your failed departure, will give your shoes/boots a quick stamp on the mat and proceed quickly inside to find the offending item, leaving dirt and grit in your wake. Later, wearing socks or slippers or no footwear at all, you will walk around, spreading said dirt and grit throughout your home.

This is bad any time of year, but especially now, at the peak of track-shit-into-the-house season. And the only solution? To be vigilant. Which means vacuuming with frequency. And if you’ve got a big honking plug-it-into-the-wall unit, that’ll be annoying.

Hence, you need this Shark stick vac. It’s light. It’s powerful. It runs for 40 minutes in ECO mode. And it’s been professionally renewed. AKA: it works like new for the price of a used one.

So get it, okay? And don’t worry about forgetting THING X.

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