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Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop (Certified Renewed)

  • Three settings to conquer any hard surface
  • Steam Blaster gives you an extra bit of power for the real gross stains
  • Certified renewed, aka like new in every way except the cost
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can clean up that sticky bit of floor where you spilled a margarita last night (What do you mean you don’t remember that?)
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Conquer The Seasonal Nastiness

Ah, a trip to the grocery store to get stuff to make dinner. For many months out of the year, it remains a simple ordeal. You slip on your sandals or a pair of shoes, maybe a sweater or a thin coat, and out the door you go.

But not in the winter.

No, in the winter, you pull on a sweater and then you zip your coat up over it. After that: hat, gloves, wool socks, and finally, boots. Or, actually, it likely wouldn’t be in that order. But we put boots last because they’re the most important item to consider in relation to the product we’re selling today.

Because let’s say, you’re halfway between your backdoor and your car, sole deep in snow, slush, and salt, and you realize you forgot something. And let’s say that something isn’t just sitting right where you can reach in and grab it. Let’s say it’s halfway across the house. If you leave your coat on, it doesn’t matter. Your hat, your gloves, they’re not tracking anything across the floor. But your boots will. And yet, even knowing this, the idea of unlacing, un-booting, re-lacing, and re-booting is just too much to consider for what would otherwise be a five-second detour.

So you track some stuff in. And by the time you get home, you’ve already forgotten. It dries and the grit spreads around. Then at night, you make a hearty soup or stew with the stuff you got at the store, and it simmers for hours, possibly spitting a little on the stove, the counter, and, yes, the kitchen floor.

All of this is to say: in the winter, your floors get gross. And so you need a way to clean them, and hopefully, one that doesn’t involve a full-blown mop-and-bucket session.

Hence, you need this steam mop. It’s from Shark, so you know it’ll have solid cleaning power. Plus, thanks to its three-setting electronic Intelligent Steam Control, you can be assured it’ll apply the right amount of steam for a given situation. And, on top of all that, the models we have are certified renewed, which means you can have a like-new product at a used price.

What’s that you say? You’d like to watch a short commercial that shows the steam mop in use? Well, lucky you! We’ve got that!

Pretty cool, right? So get one, and conquer those nasty winter floors with ease.

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