Shark 3-In-1 Hydrovac XL Multi-Surface Cleaning System (Refurbished)

  • This thing vacuums and mops at the same time, separating solids from liquids for easy emptying
  • Includes a self-cleaning dock so it’s always ready for the next job
  • Designed for all sealed hard floors including hardwood, tile, marble, and laminate.
  • Also cleans and deodorizes area rugs
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can make a margarita spill go away, whether it’s in the kitchen tile or the living room rug
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H8 2 M0P

Mopping sucks.

It just sucks so bad. It is the worst chore. You do the dishes, you see your progress. You feel good. The counters empty into the sink. The sink empties into the dish rack. A little spray. A little wipe. Your nasty kitchen suddenly looks tidy and nice. You feel accomplished. It’s great.

Mopping involves about ten times more work and about one-tenth of the satisfaction. Your floors look nice for, like, a minute. Maybe if you’ve got some shiny new hardwood, they look nicer for longer, but if you’re working with antique flooring, all mopping does is make your house look slightly less disgusting.

Not to mention, mopping doesn’t even do the whole job. For all the effort, there are still things to deal with, like the stuff that gets into the tiny cracks between the boards or the little spaces between the kitchen tiles.

Which all brings us right back to our initial point: mopping sucks.

But it doesn’t have to! Not if you get this thing!

How does this Shark 3-In-1 Hydrovac Xl Multi-Surface Cleaning System make mopping not suck? It’s simple: all you need to do is push it around, and it mops for you. No bucket, no wringing. And also, it sucks. By which we mean, it’s a vacuum that’s also a mop. It’ll vacuum up stuff on rugs. It’ll vacuum up stuff on hardwood floors. It’ll vacuum up stuff on tile. And that stuff? It can be wet or it can be dry. This thing doesn’t care. It’ll vacuum up anything. And mop. Did we mention that? Oh, right we did.

Hell, load this thing up with some Multi-Surface Concentrate, and it’ll even make your rugs smell nice as it goes. (That’s a big plus for you, pet owners. After all, you can wipe up the spot on the rug where your furry friend vomited up their lunch, and you can vacuum it when it dries, but some of that stink is going to linger.)

Thus, to amend our initial statement: mopping sucks… unless you have one of these. Then it, well, still sucks a little bit, but not as much as it would otherwise. And that’s a big improvement if you ask us.

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