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Samsung Galaxy TAB A 32GB (16GB + 16GB microSD) Tablet with 8-inch Screen

  • It looks good in any light due to a technology that sounds impressive but also kind of standard.
  • Stays alive for nearly 17 hours of video playback, or to put it differently, for about 3/4 of the way through that Breaking Bad episode about the fly loose in the lab. Seriously, I still think about how much of a slog that was. Don’t @ me.
  • We’re comparing it, price-wise, to a model on Amazon that is NOT exactly the same. Here’s the deal: the Amazon price is for a tablet with 32gb of space, whereas this one is a comparable model built for warehouse clubs that only has 16gb of space. BUT we’re throwing in an additional 16gb MicroSD card.
  • If you want more space, it can handle MicroSD of up to 400gb.
  • Oh, and to confirm, this tablet does have built-in GPS.
  • Model: SM-T380NZKMXAR… which is a bit excessive don’t you think? It’s, like, almost as long as the product name.
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A Galaxy Of Options (Elsewhere)

Many people think that the product name here is simply a cool allusion to the cosmos dreamed up by a marketing team with the intention of invoking something that sounds mysterious, futuristic, and far-reaching.

In reality, though, Samsung chose the word “Galaxy” for a more telling reason: like the stars in a galaxy, there are approximately 1 billion different Samsung tablet models and they all look pretty much the same in photographs.

Thus, when shopping for one, you have two options. First there’s:

Educated Shopping!

This involves making a list of what you hope to do with your Samsung Tablet and then conducting vigorous research into which model will best suit you.

For example, do you stream primarily German police procedurals? Then you might want to get the Samsung Galaxy TAB 3928x, as it features crisp sound optimized for the German language. But if those German police procedurals involve a dog, then you might consider the Galaxy TAB 3081xtc, as it rates highest in the pixels-per-dog category (as long as the dog is not a vizsla, in which case the Galaxy TAB 2931gh is probably your best bet, as it was awarded Best Tablet by Vizsla Insider Magazine).

We encourage this kind of consumerism, we really do. It’s a good idea to read up on what you’re looking for and make smart decisions based on your needs. But let’s be honest, you’re not here because you like to make decisions. That’s why there’s our 2nd option:

Lazy Shopping!

Basically, this means you just buy whichever model is good enough and cheap enough and just happens to be available that given day. Like this one that’s selling for $40 cheaper than the Amazon price, which itself is $50 cheaper than list. And to sweeten the deal, it’s got a cool silver back that makes it look different than the billions of other Samsungs out there.

You’re welcome, lazy friends!

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