Royal Comfort 8-Piece 600 GSM Egyptian Cotton Towel Set with Mat

  • 100 percent Egyptian cotton, which is SUPER important to some of you guys.
  • A full set of towels, including bath mat and hand glove. (We don’t want to discuss the hand glove.)
  • Stately 600 GSM weight.
  • Bomb-ass colors.
  • Does it make a margarita? “You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel.”
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They’re Cotton. Happy?

Here. It’s the damn cotton sheets you guys always cry about after we work really hard to bring you high-quality, budget-friendly microfiber options and you post things in the comments that make our moms sad.

They’re a little thick and they’re for a nano-twin bed. Now buy them and don’t talk to us about bedding ever again.

Just kidding. They’re towels. The comment section is over there for anyone who needs to vent (again) about their weirdly aggressive aversion to microfiber.

But hey, if you pine for genuine Egyptian cotton to swaddle you up like a very needy baby while you sleep, perhaps you will also enjoy using it to dry your damp face, hands, and ass.

After all, to your fair (if belligerent) point, this material is super nice. If you put these towels in your guest bath, people will be looking around for a tray of glass beads with a piece of driftwood in it, or maybe a shallow bowl full of useless wicker orbs—because yeah, apparently you’re operating on that level of guest pamperment and home decor.

Plus, since you’re obviously the kind of person who decorates the house with actual colors selected on purpose, you’ll be happy to see the array of pleasing shades available here. (And if you’re not that type of person, these colors are sufficiently dope that you should be able to build a vibe—NAY!—a lifestyle around them.)

Well, either way, they’re soft and absorbent, they have cool little design details that make you seem like the kind of person who might also have sexy date night underwear, and they are heavy in a way that the manufacturer describes as “opulent” and we will describe as “hefty.”

You get two big towels, two hand towels, two face towels, a bath mat (which doubles as an emergency towel if you’re a degenerate), and…a…hand…glove? We can see the last thing perched on the top of the pile in the picture there, but we don’t know what that is and frankly calling it a “hand glove” gives off a real Curley from Of Mice and Men vibe so we really don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Just buy these towels and don’t tell us what you do with that piece, okay?

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