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Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

  • It uses lasers to map out your house, because the future is now
  • You can tell it where to go, where to avoid, when to do it, etc.
  • And it mops
  • That’s a ton more features than a Roomba for just… well, actually more money than a Roomba, but look it’s really good, okay?
  • In fact, we’re selling it for $20 cheaper than the lesser S5 model, and the S6 is more than just a higher number
  • Model: S6, like an Audi, cuz this thing is the LUXURY model
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Worth It

Yes. You’re reading that price correctly. There’s not a missing decimal point. It’s not a 3-pack. It’s a single robot vacuum cleaner for a buck short of halfway to a grand.

So, what do we have to say for ourselves?

Well, for starters: please have some prospective. Think about going back in time 20 years and saying, “$499 is just a bit too much money for a full time, never-takes-a-day-off robo-housekeeper, you know?” That we live in a world where robot vacuums not only exist but are so commonplace that you can roll your eyes and say, “Is this one really that special?” is proof of humankind’s ingenuity. And can you put a price tag on ingenuity?

Okay, fine; the logic is a bit circular there (or at least ovular), so let’s focus on that other question: Is this one really that special?

Because the answer is a firm YES! IT IS VERY, VERY GOOD!

Unlike a Roomba, this thing doesn’t just have sensors. Instead, it uses lasers (that’s right: fucking LASERS!) to map out your house. Not only does that improve its efficiency; it means you can control where it goes. Need it to cover the whole first floor? Perfect. Need it to clean a single room? It can do that too. Need it to avoid somewhere? No problem. Just set the schedule and it’ll do as its told.

And you know what else? It mops!

In fact, this thing’s good enough that we can do something we almost never get to do, which is quote a Wirecutter article that discusses the actual product we’re selling without any weird caveats:

The Roborock S Series has swift, obstacle-avoiding navigation and good cleaning power. They even come with Swiffer-like attachments for wet-wiping your bare floors. We’ve been consistently impressed with these bots in our testing, and it’s not hard to understand why the fans keep wondering when we’ll stop being stupid and start recommending them.

Okay fine, they say the app is not the best. But a) nothing’s perfect; and b) aren’t most apps at least a little shitty?

In conclusion, it is worth the price (if not a bit more) and therefore you are required to buy one. We rest our case.

And if you’re not much of a reader, here’s a video showing how much this family depends on it

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