Random Propel Drone

  • Pick a drone, any drone
  • Is what we’re saying to ourselves
  • You don’t get to pick anything
  • We’re talking $12 drone here, so don’t expect something super high tech
  • Model: W3V3-R34LLY-DR0N3-4ND-D0N3-1T
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All Adrone

Alright, let’s just break this down. We sell a lot of drones. Which means we have a lot of drones in stock. A lot of different kinds of drones. And so now we’re doing a random drone sale. You hit buy and we send you a drone. What kind of drone? We don’t know! Maybe one with a camera. Maybe one without a camera. Maybe two tiny drones. Maybe a drone wrapped for Christmas. We can’t tell you about the drone we’ll send you because that’s why this is fun.

But we’ll be totally honest, you’d be helping us out here. The sooner we unload these drones, the sooner we get room in our warehouse for… more drones! We’re looking to update our stock. And we’ve got our eyes on some great new models:

The Côtes du Drhône: Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and it’s a raging fun time. But the wine glasses are getting low. What do you do? Get up and risk missing a snippet of delightful banter? No way! Just fly your Côtes du Drhône wine delivery drone in and top everyone off!

The All Drone Up: Having a drone is fun, right? But it can also be difficult. Are you flying it enough? Teaching it the right tricks? What if you’re setting it up for disaster later in life? Well, with The All Drone Up, you don’t need to worry about that. Because trained drone professionals have already raised it for you. And, in fact, you’ll never even see it, because as soon as you purchase an All Drone Up, it’ll enroll at a liberal arts college three states away. Which means you can finally convert that drone room into a home office!

The Drone Didion: The Drone Didion’s propellers turn in a beautiful, if not unaffected way. The downside is it requires a lit cigarette to work and often wants to fly to very sad places. The upside is that each Drone Didion comes with quite a bit of wealth.

Don’t you want to see these drones selling on Meh in the future? Then you should buy a random drone and help us make some room!

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