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6-Piece Quirky Brand Bundle

  • You get a shower tote, a flat lock, a couple wine bottle stabilizers, a wine bottle stopper, a magnetic stapler, a pizza cutter, and a sink stopper
  • Why all that stuff together?
  • We say: why not?
  • All from Quirky
  • Model: - Model: QKY-CRGO-TEAL, QKY-FL-SLV, QKY-VINE-BLK, QKY-ALN-BLU, QKY-PZA-BLK, QKY-RAFT-BLU, no idea what corresponds to what
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Captain Quirk

Hey, it’s me, the quirky character from the indie movie, here to tell you about this quirky assortment of Quirky-branded products we’re selling today.

First up is the shower tote, or as I like to call it, my briefcase. That’s right, I use this to carry my things to and from the editorial offices of the cat magazine where I work. Can you believe that? I catch some looks from my more straight-laced colleagues, but that’s to be expected when you’re an eccentric like me.

The flat lock I use for my locker at the gym where I swim laps in my old-fashioned red-and-white-striped swimming costume.

The wine bottle stabilizers are very nice, though I don’t use them very often, as I only drink herbal tea. But I did once try to use the bottle stopper as an earplug when I went on a date with the female love interest to a concert. She likes rock-and-roll, which can be a bit abrasive for me, as I only listen to vinyl records of circus music from the 1930s and 40s.

After those, there’s the magnetic stapler. I keep that at work to staple together drafts of the various cat-related stories I have to file. Or, sometimes, when no one’s looking, I’ll use it to assemble the small hand-drawn comic books I like to make. They’re a little autobiographical, but they’re also about unicorns and wizards.

The pizza cutter is great for cutting all the wacky pizzas I make for dinner. Pepperoni and cheese? No thank you! Try squash and Skittles. That’s more my style, because again, I’m a bit of an outside-the-box thinker.

Then, when I’m done eating my pizza alone, I use the sink stopper so I can fill the sink with soapy water. Sometimes I stare out the window over my sink which gives me a clearer-than-should-be-possible view of the well-adjusted family’s house next door. And standing there in my vintage pink apron with yellow polka dots, wearing my rubber gloves that are made to look like claws from an old monster movie, watching the four of them eat dinner and engage in wholesome conversations, I’ll sigh to myself, because, though I am quirky, I also desire to be like a boring normal person sometimes.

Anyway, those are the quirky Quirky products in this bundle.

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