Wanna drive fast? Now’s your chance!


Over March and April this year, the highways and freeways have been nearly empty. Just a few truckers and the people who need to be on the road have been out.

Now the traffic is coming back.

If you wanna remember what’s lt like to drive stupid-fast for a few hundred yards;
and if you happen to be in close enough to a flat, level, safe, dry, wide-laned, well-designed, empty completely rural road w no curves and high visibility:

Next week, that road will have traffic. Possibly even at 3am.
Tonite, it might not.

So, hit that accelerator!
(For a few hundred yards, perhaps)
Or don’t.

And watch out for all the idiot deer and other night critters.

Any traffic citations, arrests, impoundments, accidents, vehicle damage, injuries, relationships damage, increased insurance premiums, co-pays, rehab, subsequent feelings of adolescent-stupidity-remorse, etc, etc, etc, are entirely the driver’s responsibility.

PS. You are supposed to do this only when:
Completely rural - hopefully, no buildings in sight
Road completely empty, straight, and in great shape
You are a sober, responsible fully adult person
You are a good driver
Hopefully, you have no passengers.
If you do have passengers, they are also sober, responsible, full adults, and they freely agree to this
No inclement weather
Vehicle in good shape.

/giphy stupid fast

By next week, we’ll all be checking for bad traffic and picking the least congested route again.