Schrödinger's Toothbrush Club Souvenir Kit

  • A tote bag, a t-shirt, a Meh sticker, and a couple mystery items…
  • …All to commemorate the time we sold some toothbrushes, then couldn’t sell the toothbrushes, then could sell the toothbrushes, then had to wait to send the toothbrushes.
  • Look, you gotta take the joys that life gives you.
  • Model: Y0U-C4NT-H4NDL3-TH3-T00TH.
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Equip Yourself

As a writer for Meh, I like to think that people come here not just to shop or be a part of a strange yet strong online community, but also for a good story. And recently, we experienced one of the wildest stories in Meh’s short history recently. The only thing was, it wasn’t in a write-up; it was in real life.

Here’s a basic rundown: We sold some toothbrushes. The original write-up basically made the joke, ‘what’s so interesting about a toothbrush sale?’ Well, we soon learned that the answer was actually, ‘a lot.’ We were contacted by the toothbrush company saying that the products in question were STOLEN! This was news to us, since we got them the way we get everything we sell–from our guy Tony, who operates out of his Van-o-Goods down by the harbor. Sorry. As there are probably several legal teams reading this, I should stipulate that was a joke. We got it the boring old way we get everything, involving paperwork and orders and all sorts of dumb stuff like that.

So now we had a pile of these stolen toothbrushes. Or so we were told. Problem was, we couldn’t get the toothbrush people to provide us any proof of foul play. Or fowl play, but that’s less important; we’re real ‘avianerds’ here at Meh, and just like to know how, if it all, birds helped make a sale possible. Anyway, it seemed reasonable, after losing an entire sales day (because we cancelled all orders the first time we sold them), to make sure these things really were contraband. When we received none, we said, 'screw it, let’s sell ‘em again!’ So we did. And then, for legal reasons, we had to hold them, and hold them, and keep holding them, and holding them, and holding them…

This is the quick-hitter version of the story. For more, @snapster wrote a forum post breaking things down. The point is: the ship has finally sailed! And by ship, we mean ‘delivery truck,’ and by sailed, we mean ‘driven to your house and given you your damn toothbrushes.’ And now, to commemorate this momentous achievement of taking money and providing an actual item, we’ve put together a little souvenir(k) bundle!

What you get is:

  • a bag and a shirt with a mysterious Schrödinger’s Toothbrush Club design;
  • a Meh sticker;
  • and a couple other toothsome goodies.

Those of you who lived through the ordeal without cancelling your order will get it for free by way of a coupon (although you can buy another kit if you really want). Others of you will have to pay $20 for it, if for some reason you want to celebrate a botched toothbrush sale in which you did not take part. Which sounds crazy, but then again, what you folks do often confounds us… and that’s why we love you.

We won’t promise that the stuff is super cool. In fact, we can pretty much promise it’s not. And you know what else we can promise? That it will be shipped and delivered! Although, maybe not super fast. I mean, you don’t call yourself ‘Meh’ because you want to knock it out of the park every day, right?

At any rate, thanks for joining us on this long journey to uncover the tooth. Eh?