Quench 7-Piece MicroWater Complex Skincare Set

  • It’s a bunch of stuff that’ll revitalize your fried summer skin
  • More specifically, it’s a peel, a moisturizer, a cleanser, a soufflé (non-culinary), a night cream, a body scrub, and a lotion
  • Made with MicroWater, the smallest water on earth
  • SideDeal customers love it
  • Does this involve, in any way, Star Wars or samurai aesthetics: nope, for that, you’ll have to head over to Mediocritee
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Stop, Moisturize, and Listen

Are you familiar with the phrase, “the summer crust”? Honestly, probably not, because we’re pretty sure we just invented it this very moment.

But anyway, here’s what we’re talking about: the crusty feeling you experience after spending more than twenty minutes outside in the summer months.

You know what we’re talking about, right? Maybe you go for a nice bike ride. Maybe you meet up with your buddies for a little beer league softball. Maybe you go to a pool and just sit there reading a book for a couple hours.

Doesn’t matter how much sunscreen you put on. Doesn’t matter if you showered with moisturizing body wash that morning. Nothing you do can prevent it: you’re gonna leave that bike trail, or that baseball diamond, or that chaise lounge by the pool, and your skin’s gonna feel a little dry, a little salty, a little… well… crusty.

Is it your skin literally frying in the hot sun? Is it perspiration drying and leaving a desert-like expanse in its wake? Nobody knows! Well, actually, probably somebody knows. Probably a lot of people know. Probably a fair number of people are reading this and thinking, Meh, you idiots! You’re pretending you discovered something that everyone has known about forever.

But look, we’re not preoccupied with explanations. We’re focusing on solutions. And today’s product? It’s a solution to the summer crust.

More accurately, it’s a Quench 7-Piece MicroWater Complex Skincare Set.

What is MicroWater you ask? The absolute smallest water you’ll ever find. Okay, fine. We actually can’t really explain what MicroWater is either. But again it doesn’t matter. Because in this set you get a peel, a moisturizer, a cleanser, a soufflé (non-culinary), a night cream, a body scrub, and a lotion. Aka: seven things to revitalize your crispy fried skin.

So get a set for yourself, and fight the summer crust!

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