Ultralight 2" Thick Inflatable Sleeping Pads (2-Pack Single or Double)

  • Packs up real small
  • Inflates nice and puffy
  • Waterproof, leak-proof, and doesn’t get stinky
  • Favorite swing revival band: Big Pad Voodoo Daddy
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Pack It In

There’s the kind of camping that’s basically a hotel, but instead of rooms there are patches of ground. You can pull right up and pitch a tent with room enough for eight even though there are just two of you sleeping in it. If you need to go to the bathroom, or you’re feeling icky, you can run to the restrooms/showers. If it rains, you can always sit in the car. If you forgot to pack something, you can drive to the store. If the wienies and hamburgers don’t work out, there’s always a nearby drive-thru. Hell, a lot of these places probably have wi-fi so you can WFT (work from tent).

These sleeping pads would work for this kind of camping, sure. But that’s probably not what they’re best served for.

No, they’re best for serious camping. Camping where the car is parked far away, at a trailhead and you’ve gotta hike five miles just to get to the turn-off for the campsite. There’s no drive-thru. In fact, if there’s any fast food at all, it’s YOU. You know, for the roaming packs of wolves or the grizzly bears.

Okay, we’re being a little dramatic but you get the point: these are the perfect sleeping mats for backpacking.


Because they take up barely any room at all in your bag. Here, just check out this product photo we found of a very real hand holding one when it’s fully packed up:

But then, when it comes time to lay down, the pad inflates itself easily into a nice, puffy, contoured surface so you can rest up good for the hike back the next morning. Plus it’s leak-proof, waterproof, and 30D TPU laminated (which is a fancy way of saying it won’t get stinky).

So grab a couple in either single or double size, and enjoy a little extra comfort in the great outdoors.

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