2-Pack: Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner with 160 Disposable Wipes

  • No bristles, no wires, no problem
  • The built-in scraper and food-safe wipes remove grease and grime
  • When you’re done, throw out the wipe and clean the scraper. That’s it!
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  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can clean up after you grill some asada to go along with that margarita
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It's Time

So, when should you sell a grill cleaning instrument?

There seem to be two clear options.

The most obvious: right before grill season. In, like, March (assuming you live somewhere with a real winter). A time when grilling is so close, you can feel it, but it’s not here yet.

The second possibility: end of season. A store doesn’t want this stuff clogging up the warehouse anymore, so they sell it in mid-September (again, assuming you live with winter) for discerning customers who love to stock up on essentials at crazy discounts.

And yet, both of these potential selling times are actually not optimal.

Right before grilling season is perfect for your grills, your tongs, your tools. The fun stuff, in other words. It’s like planning a vacation in advance. When you get excited, you buy the new swim suit, maybe some beach toys, not a bunch of sunscreen. Same goes for grilling: people think about the best parts of cooking outside, not the grueling cleaning routines.

Weirdly enough, the same standards apply to post-season shopping. You want to get stuff you’re going to be excited to have in a few months. You buy a new winter coat and a pair of rad snow boots in April on sale. Then, come November, you remember: Oh dang, I got a sick new cold-weather wardrobe to strut around in! You don’t load up on salt for the driveway or a windshield scraper, even if it might be smart, because who wants to think about that stuff when the cold is in the rearview? Similarly, you don’t buy a grill cleaner after grilling is over; you buy a new spatula or something you can look forward to.

What we’re getting at is: the correct time to sell a grill cleaning instrument is RIGHT NOW, when there’s still some grilling left to do, but the novelty has worn enough that you turn your sights to practical products, like things to make clean-up a little easier.

And that’s what these do. Instead of bristles or wires, they employ a scraper and moist wipes to really break down and clear away grease. And when you’re done cleaning, you can toss the wipe in the trash and clean the scraper. In other words, stuff doesn’t get stuck in it (as it does with the aforementioned wire/bristle tools).

And, and by the way, we’re giving you not just a 2-pack of the tools, but 160 of those wipes. Which will get you through the rest of this season and probably next season too. (Or you can gift one scraper and a pack of 80 wipes to a friend and still have plenty left over.)

So get it today, when the frustration of grill-cleaning is fresh on your mind!

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