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Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker with 2 Travel Brewers

  • You get one “Pace” Carafe Brewer and two “Coffee to Go” Travel brewers.
  • That’s three brewers, and you don’t even need to gut your farm league for them! (run_file:rimshot.mp3)
  • These make cold brew coffee, which is coffee that brews over the course of many hours in the fridge and tastes super smooth and de-lish.
  • It can be a bit strong, so feel free to water it down.
  • Model: PBPBK-5101 & PCGBK-1220. And it makes sense that they’re so complicated, considering these are advanced machines that brew coffee by… (checks notes) sitting there.
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What Winter?

Yes, with each day there comes fewer hours of sunlight to warm things up. The numbers you saw on the right in the “low” column have begun their migration left, replacing the previously pleasant “high” temperatures. Thus, this Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker and travel brewers might, you think, only be used a short time before they go into storage. Because brewing iced coffee in December is like the beverage equivalent of wearing shorts during a blizzard: something done, in states that experience a true winter, only by the extremest of die-hards and season deniers.

As one such person, I can confirm: we are a small, proud, devoted (if not somewhat delusional) group. But we also know a secret that few others seem to understand.

Before I get to that, though, let me clarify. The group I’m talking about is those who drink iced coffee year round. I claim not to know anything about the cold-legged shorts wearers. Although I do wear shorts in the winter months sometimes. For example, if I’m stuck inside and doing something active, like cooking or cleaning.

And this is exactly the secret I’m talking about: winter only happens outside!

Everywhere else, it remains warm enough to drink refreshing smooth cold brew. At home. At work. Even in the car. Actually, especially in the car, after you’ve given it some time to warm up, when it becomes basically a mobile sauna.

What’s funny is that this secret hides in plain sight. Think about it. Do you bake your salads in the winter? Do you pour a bottle of Coca Cola into the kettle and set it to boil? Do you say to the bartender, “I’ll have the IPA, but nuke it on high for 45 seconds”? Sure, a hot toddy, a nice soup, or a steaming mug of hot apple cider is nice. but even in February, these things aren’t as ubiquitous as a glass of cold water and a deli sandwich.

In other words, it’s totally easy to normal to drink cold brew coffee year round. The only tough part is when you walk from the warmth of your car to the warmth of your house or your office with your cold cup in hand.

And for cases such as this, may I recommend a nice thick mitten?

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