Power Practical Luminoodle Under Cabinet Lights (3-Pack or 6-Pack)

  • Light up the weirdly dark parts of your kitchen (or living room or basement or den or wherever)
  • Very easy to install and super safe
  • Choose between ‘warm’ and ‘daylight’ settings (I.e. ambiance or just “let me just see what the hell is over there”)
  • You can set it to be motion activated or use the remote (or the button built into them)
  • What do they do before they go to sleep at night: oh, just a bit of light reading
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Light It Up

The space under your cabinets: you don’t think about it much, but gosh can it get dark. And boy, can that darkness get frustrating!

Like when you’re searching for your car keys or your wallet, only they’re in a shadow, and so you spend twenty minutes looking around and then end up being late for work.

Or when you bake cookies and spill a little bit of sugar. Or, you think it’s only a little bit of sugar. But actually, it’s more than you realized, and next thing you know, you’ve got ants waltzing through your kitchen.

Or when the small cricket-sized men who live within tunnels dug into your flour build a statue in tribute to you out of grains of rice, but you don’t see it because it’s, again, in the place under the cabinets that doesn’t get great light, and the men take your lack of attention as you abandoning them, and they decide to curse you by tearing paper into dust-particle-sized bits and mixing it in with the salt in your shaker so that no matter how much salt you add your meals are forever under-seasoned.

These are just some of the issues you might run into if you don’t buy this under-the-cabinet lighting kit!

Now, before you start making excuses about how you’re not an electrician, let us assure you, these things are easy to install and super safe. In terms of operation, you can set them to turn on when they sense motion, or you can use the remote control (or the on-button built into the wiring).

And by the way, these things aren’t just practical. With a ‘warm’ setting, they’re also great for adding a little bit of ambiance to your kitchen. In other words, they’re perfect for showing off your decorative crocks, granite countertops, or the glittering chainmail-like attire worn by the tiny cricket-sized men, strange clothing that they forge from the flour in which they live using a process that they cannot describe to you as there is no word for it in the English language.

With so many great features, you might be wondering: do these have to be used in the kitchen only? And the answer is: absolutely not! They’re also great for entertainment centers (where they’ll provide light for the beetle-sized men living in the DVD player you never got rid of), basement storage areas (where they’ll help illuminate the minnow-sized amphibian men who live within the cans of paint leftover from past home improvement projects), or your bookshelves (where they’re perfect for seeing the tiny mite-sized men who live within hollowed-out compartments inside that copy of House Of Leaves you swear you’re going to read one of these days).

So get some today, and light up those hard-to-see spaces for yourself, your family, and all the tiny people living in the various corners of your home!

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