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Poo-Pourri 12oz Gift Sets

  • Here’s the breakdown: everyone gets two 4oz bottles of “Trap A Crap” Cedar & Citrus
  • After that, you can choose between either two 2oz bottles of Lavender Vanilla OR two 2oz bottles of “Smoky Woods”
  • If you give a loved one some spray for making the poo smell go away, is that really a gift for you or for them?
  • By which we mean, everyone wins
  • There is no gift box here, unfortunately
  • Model: SET-GMA-MEN-18, SET-GMA-FAM-18; like, seriously? You’re gonna name your company Poo~Pourri and then you’re not gonna have any fun with the model number?
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Poo It Yourself Packaging

What we have here is a gift set of Poo~Pourri, everyone’s favorite spray for the dispersal of everyone’s least favorite smell. You get a two 4oz bottles of “Trap A Crap” Cedar & Citrus, and then either two 2oz bottles of Lavender Vanilla OR two 2oz bottles of “Smoky Woods” (which, we’re told, is not scented like the forest behind the gymnasium where the cool kids snuck off to smoke weed in high school).

In other words, you get four bottles for a total of 12oz of spray.

Now, there are a couple issues here, the first being how awkward it would be to give this as a gift to someone. Like, what do you say? “Merry Christmas, Travis! We thought we would give you the gift of saving us from having to whiff whatever noxious tummy sludge the Lean Cuisine you ate for lunch managed to stir up!”

Another more important issue, though, is that these are not packaged like a gift set. It’s just a bunch-o-bottles. But this problem has a much simpler solution. Just follow these seven easy steps:

  1. Go to Mediocritee.

  2. Marvel at how delightful the site is on the whole.

  3. Buy the two shirts for $15.

  4. Then buy 1 of either design (there are always [at least] two!) for $10.

  5. Wear two of the shirts frequently, and discuss how comfortable and fun to look at they are with friends and strangers.

  6. Using scissors and a sewing machine, fashion the third shirt into a bag for holding the Poo~Pourri gift set.

  7. Return to Mediocritee every week and buy many many shirts.

There you have it! The perfect solution for the box-less gift set. Now, some of you might say that a few of these steps appear to be superfluous to the task, but trust us, they’re all entirely necessary!

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