48-Pack: CBG Energy & CBN Sleep Single Serving Shots

  • These are cannabis products, but they don’t get you high (sorry)
  • Choose a 48-pack of the sleep kind, a 48-pack of the energy kind, or get 24 of each
  • The “Party On!” Energy shot has 15mg CBG, lots of B-Vitamins and a proprietary energy blend containing 200mg of caffeine
  • The “Dream” Sleep shot has 8mg CBN along with some Melatonin & 5-HTP
  • Maybe try taking a sleep one and an energy one at the same time, and see if you feel sleepily energetic
  • Actually, don’t do that
  • What do they drive: a Volkswagen Canna-Bus
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G or N or Both

So, for $24, you can get 48 CBG energy shots, 48 CBN sleep shots, or 24 of each. Considering most energy shots run about two to four dollars each, we’d say this is a good deal at 50 cents a piece.

But, of course, before you decide whether to buy or not, you should probably understand what CBG and CBN are. That’s why we decided to do some intensive research and bring you all the information you could possibly need. And by “intensive research” we mean that we read one good article.

That article is “CBD vs CBG vs CBN: Simply Explained” from over on Fluent, a website of “cannabis care.” Here a few highlights:

CBN and CBG are, as you have probably already figured out, CBD-adjacent products.

CBG (in the energy one) is “derived from CBGa, which is considered the ‘stem cell’ or ‘mother’ of cannabinoids due to its ability to convert to CBD, THC, or CBC” and might “help support the functionality of anandamide–a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep, pain, appetite, motivation, and pleasure.” Some potential benefits include: pain relief, lowering anxiety, fighting depression, reducing inflammation (as well as the pressure caused by glaucoma), and increasing appetite.

CBN, meanwhile, is “the product of the degradation of THC, which happens naturally as a plant matures or has increased exposure to heat/oxygen.” Though, the article goes on, it is not nearly as psychoactive as THC. It has some potential antibacterial benefits and some potential neuroprotective benefits. It can also stimulate appetite and help with sleep (hence why it’s in the sleep shots). In fact:

When comparing CBD and CBN for sleep, people generally report better results with CBN. Research has also found the potential CBN has for being used for antibacterial applications.

Wow, we just provided some really practical, straightforward information to help you make your purchasing decision! That’s a bit surprising, huh?

But, again: the most important thing to know is that we’re selling these for cheap as hell. So buy 'em, try 'em, and if you don’t like 'em, sell 'em, give 'em or toss 'em.

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