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Ghastly Comfort IX

Dearest Mother,

Finally, a change! Yes, I am still the proprietor of an inn bequeathed to me by an unsigned letter written in an exquisitely neat hand. And yes, the sea at the base of the cliff on which said inn is perched is as tumultuous as ever. But the gray sky has changed, although perhaps not for the better. This past weekend, I experienced my first blizzard at Death Rock, and allow me to say, it was quite the eventful forty-eight hours.

First off, there was the boy lost out in the snow. Several of the guests, gathered around the fire in the great room saw him through a window, off in the distance, wandering in circles wearing nothing but a pair of trousers and a light sweater. A group suited up and went to retrieve him, but he kept walking away from them. Only twice did he turn so they could see his face, which they reported was very pale. Eventually they made it all the way to the cemetery nearly a half-mile away, and there they lost him. I do hope he made it home alright!

Then there was the issue of entertainment. Without having the grounds to stroll, or the nearby village to explore, many of the guests grew antsy and bored. To remedy this, I decided to make my way up to the attic and see if I could find anything with which we might pass the time. I took some guests up with me as Hugo refused to join, claiming “Grandmama” (that is the name he has for of one of the squirrels residing up there, remember?) does not take Kindly to visitors.

It was nearly a waste of time. The space was filled just about wall-to-wall with old photo albums. One of the men who had also gone out to help the boy claimed to see him again, this time in a picture. But that could not be possible as the boy he pointed to was Gustav Pimbly, the son of the German couple who first built the inn more than a century ago. Apparently they met quite an unfortunate end, but I am not sure exactly what happened. I tried to do some research when I first arrived at the local library, but only found one ancient newspaper article that was almost completely water damaged, leaving only a few readable phrases: “deranged gulls,” “hot air balloon,” “school of sharks below,” etc.

After some time, we found a cache of board games: chess, checkers, backgammon, and one called ‘Cosmic Futures’ featuring intricately carved wooden pieces that looked like scythes, which we left up there, as the directions were printed in a language of jagged symbols no one could read. The three of us (though I could have sworn five had gone up) finally returned to the great room and a number of games began. This only lead to more tension, unfortunately, as I found out I was housing a number of cheaters. Everyone complained that their opponent was moving the pieces when they were not looking! To listen to them all, it was as if the pieces were moving themselves!

I finally realized the solution: we needed something collaborative. Luckily, I had recently invested in a number of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles. They showed a variety of delightful images: birds, space, seascapes, that sort of thing. One I do not remember purchasing was of an enormous eye that made me sick to look at, and once, when I tried staring at it for an extended period of time, I felt something on my tongue, which turned out to be a fly.

At any rate, the puzzles helped get us through until the snow could be cleared! Perhaps I could send father a puzzle? To help him pass the time? One of horses? (Or one of something other than horses, if you think that would be helpful for the healing process.)

Or perhaps I could purchase one and give it to you when you visit! It is short notice, but maybe you could come for Christmas? Let me know!

Miranda Prillchisky
The Dread Inn at Death Rock

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