Pick Your 2-Pack of Bandolino Charging Wristlets

  • They’re cute little wristlets with fun patterns
  • But they hold a powerful secret
  • (It’s a 2000 mAh power bank inside)
  • RFID protection too, if you care about that
  • Model: SG50335B, because they are just So Good, [50335] Baby!
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The Bandalorian

The futuristic doors (that were actually very old, since this took place long ago, in a galaxy far away) whooshed open in a spacey way.

“You requested my bounty hunting services?” said the Bandalorian, stepping into the room.

The man, sitting behind a desk, nodded. “I’m afraid so. I’ve recently come into possession of several crates of Bandolino Charging Pouches. Are you familiar with them? They’re cute little wristlets that have a power bank in them, so you can charge your phone on the go. Unfortunately, as soon as the shipment arrived, I was robbed.”

“So you’re asking me, the Bandalorian, to hunt a Bandolino bandit?”

“Not just one,” said the man, “There were several of them working together.”

“Ah,” said the Bandalorian. “A band of Bandolino bandits. Do you suggest I recruit help?”

“Yes,” said the man. “I do believe this band of Bandolino bandits calls for a band of Bandalorians.”

“Unfortunately, many of the bands of Bandalorians suffer from membership issues,” said the Bandalorian. “Therefore, I may have to blend two or more bands of Bandalorians to go after this band of Bandolino bandits.”

“And how does one blend two or more bands of Bandalorians?” asked the man.

“You blend two or more bands of Bandalorians by holding a banquet of bland bananas,” said the Bandalorian.

“Ah, makes perfect sense,” said the man.

“I will prepare the banquet of bland bananas to blend the bands of Bandalorians,” said the Bandalorian. “Once the bands are blended, you have my word: we will not bandy about before going after the band of Bandolino bandits.”

The Bandalorian made to leave but stopped at the door, turning his helmeted head back to the man. “By the way, what’s your name, friend?”

“Bandrew,” said the man. “Bandrew Lloyd Webber.”

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