Pick-Your-2-Pack: Conair by Ivory Ella Backpacks

  • Pick-your-2-pack of stylish and functional backpacks just in time for fall
  • Tiny elephant logo could make or break a kid’s popularity
  • Not what everyone else is wearing (as far as we know…)
  • Model: GR4D3-7-SUCKED cough cough
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Good bags cheap

As far as we know, absurdly expensive designer backpacks for school aren’t really a thing. Like, we’re sure you can get some pricy Gucci mess if you really want to, but it’s not like kids in school are out there flexing with their backpack like it’s the latest iPhone or really dope sneakers.



Ugh. Expensive backpacks are probably a thing and somebody’s probably dropping an “OK, Boomer” in the comments right now.

Whatever. We don’t want to know about it.

Today’s deal is a cool backpack, though, and it isn’t a bunch of money. Two for $14 in fact. Pretty good, right?

Look at that little elephant.

That might be a coveted designer’s logo that makes this all the more desirable. If so, great. If not, put a rad smiley face pin over that idiotic little pachyderm and call it a day.

Regardless of your feelings on Ivory Ella there, these seem like pretty good bags. They have small pouches for small things and a big one that would be really tough for anything to fall out of.

You also get to pick your two-pack, which is always cool with stuff like this.

It’s even got a little holster bag for a water bottle, which if we’re not mistaken is a super important part of youth culture these days, a topic which we obviously know a lot about and are not at all making up as we go.

If you need a couple of bags like this, grab a couple of bags like this.

And the elephant is cute. There we said it.

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