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Philips Avance Smoke-Less Indoor Infrared Grill

  • Gets up to 446°F and quick and stays there
  • Infrared technology and special reflectors!
  • What does that mean? We don’t know, except that there’s almost no smoke
  • Kickstart some healthy post-holiday eating habits
  • Model: HD6371/94, cuz those grill marks are HIGH DEF
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No Smoke, No Mirrors, All Grill

Shopping the day after Thanksgiving? Terrible. Stressful. People acting their absolute worst under the guise of generosity. Because that’s the thing about Black Friday: what do you get for enduring the hoards of angry shelf pillagers? A great deal on something… for someone else.

Shopping the day after Christmas, though? That’s the stuff, right there! Because you’ve got a wallet that’s full of holiday CASH and there’s only one person on your shopping list: you!

But let’s be real, your wallet’s not the only thing that’s full. Your stomach is too. With how much deep fried turkey you consumed yesterday, you might’ve briefly crossed over the boundary separating Homo Sapiens from Avians. Except you can’t fly. Not even a little bit. You are ground bound. Or maybe couch bound, nursing a massive food hangover.

Which is why perhaps you’d like to blow some of your hard(ly) earned money on this Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill?

Heres the deal: this isn’t one of those crummy indoor grills that’s basically a lukewarm plate with a few ridges to cook grill marks into your flavorless burger. No way, this thing gets up to 446°F quick and it stays there. And with its infrared technology and “special reflectors,” that heat is concentrated where it needs to go, so you don’t get a bunch smoke. That being said, it does share one feature with lesser indoor grills: the grease and fat is separated during the grilling process, making for healthier meals.

In other words, this Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill checks every box of the perfect day-after-Christmas buy: it’s a fun, cool, semi-indulgent purchase that’ll help you ease yourself out of unhealthy holiday eating habits.

So go ahead! Blow that Christmas cash! If you don’t do it right away, you might end up spending on something dumb and boring. Like, groceries or rent.

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