Pacs & Plumbers Tees

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  • They have sleeves, but get this, they don’t even go down to the elbow!
  • The side with the picture is the front
  • Their favorite river: The Ma-Rio Grande
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Plumb The Depths

“Alright, everybody,” said the boss, “while I’d love to sit here and shoot the breeze all day, we gotta get to work.”

The chatter in the room quieted as the plumbers all gulped down the last of their coffee and gathered round.

“Okay, Tony: they need some help with a backup at the hospital,” the boss said.

“Got it, boss,” Tony said.

“Annie, you’re off to Dale’s Tap,” the boss said. “They’re having some issues with their hot water heater.”

“I’m on it, boss,” Annie said.

“And Mario, got one for you too,” the boss said. “A princess got captured by a sort of dragon-meets-a-spiky-turtle creature who oversees an army of smaller turtle-like minions. You mind going and taking a look?”

“What?” Mario said. “Why can’t you send someone else on these calls, boss?”

“They always ask for an Italian guy,” the boss said.

“Isn’t that problematic?” Mario said.

“Would be if I didn’t have an Italian plumber on staff,” the boss said. “Which reminds me, it wouldn’t kill you to lay it on thick for these folks. Really channel ‘the old country,’ you know?”

“I’m just gonna ignore all that because it’s wildly inappropriate to say in a workplace,” Mario said, “and instead focus on the broader issue, which is that this doesn’t sound remotely plumbing-related.”

The boss looked down at his notes. “Says here there are pipes involved.”

“Please, boss,” Mario said. “Are there any different jobs for me to do? Last time I agreed to one of these, it took days.”

“Fine,” said the boss. “I got one other call. They need someone to eat power orbs at the nondescript haunted maze downtown. If you do a good job, they said they’d throw in an occasional couple of cherries.”

“You know what?” Mario said. “On second thought, I’ll save the princess.”

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