Pacific Pearls 18K White Gold Diamond Drop Earrings and Pendant Set

Will arrive before Christmas

  • 18K white gold filled setting
  • Sparkling Micro-Pavé lab-created diamonds (yeah, science just saved you two grand)
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Model: BOJ2020 (this year’s bail-out jewelry)
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Hear us out…

Listen, folks. We’re going to try to help you out here.

And even though these will arrive in time for Christmas, we need to be super clear:

Yes…this is jewelry. No…this is not suitable as a primary gift for a significant other. Jewelry can be that, but $25 jewelry that you picked up on on a mid-December whim can not.

What this can be, however, is your holiday giving ace-up-the-sleeve. There’s really not a bad feeling quite like the one where you’re sitting there unwrapping your own stuff and realize that someone got you more than you got them…especially a significant someone who you don’t get to avoid until next year’s Thanksgiving.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a fashionable little earring and pendant set ready to help bail you out by adding it at the last minute? You’d pay a heck of a lot more than twenty-five bucks to escape that kind of Christmas morning emergency.

But that’s not the only dangerous giving scenario. What about when your mom is totally underwhelmed by the local art you bought for her that cost way more than the stupid instant pot your most obnoxious sibling got for her (and she LOVES)? Or the aunt that you forgot existed until it was too late even for two-day shipping?

Have earrings and a pendant on hand, is what we’re saying.

Make it a backup plan. Make it a stocking stuffer. Make it something that you let sit in a drawer until you forget the office Secret Santa exchange a year from now. Or Valentine’s in two months, you monster.

The point is that this is jewelry that’s nicer than it seems for a delightful price. It is timeless enough to give in a week or five years from now. It’s small enough to quite literally hide up your sleeve and will make enough of an impression on the recipient to help get you out of trouble.

Look, we all know that you’re a scatterbrained, procrastinating holiday train wreck. That’s why meh has your back.

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