Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker Air Fryer w/ Tender Crisp and Dehydrator (Refurbished)

  • You want a pressure cooker?
  • You want an air fryer?
  • You want a dehydrator?
  • You want something that can bake and roast and broil?
  • You want to have counter space to spare?
  • Then you want this
  • Model: 50-M4NY-FUNCT10N5
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One Thing

Hi. It’s me. Your kitchen counter. I’m excited that Meh gave me this space today so I can clarify a few things.

You probably think I’m gonna give you a lecture about messes, that I’m going to get up on my soapbox, preach that cleanliness is next to godliness, discuss the importance of really making me shine, that sort of thing. But no. That’s not what I’m here to say. Because you know what? I love messes.

A bunch of flour all over me from a day of baking? Hell yeah! I’m glad to see you’re getting your hands dirty and working hard! Five dirty dishes because you misinterpreted what a “large” mixing bowl is four successive times? Hey, size is relative, right? A bunch of empty takeout containers from when you lost track of time charred the roast? Look, we all make mistakes, and I’d rather you eat than go hungry out of some sort of penance.

Or, to put it succinctly, I don’t mind messes because messes are evidence of ambition, failed or otherwise.

Clutter, though? Specifically, appliance clutter? That’s something entirely different.

When you’ve got the salad spinner next to the rice cooker next to the electric griddle next to the espresso machine–all that tells me is you like owning stuff more than you like cooking. After all, how often are you going to use any one of those things? Once a month, if that? And you’re giving it prime real estate on my surface? No thank you!

That’s why I suggest investing in this Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker. It can pressure cook. It can air fry. It can bake. It can roast. It can broil. And it can dehydrate. In other words, it can do the work of several appliances while taking up the footprint of just one, leaving plenty of my surface for all sorts of ill-begotten but ultimately enriching culinary experiments.

So get one for you. But mostly, get one for me, your dear sweet counter!

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