Ninja Foodi 10-Piece NeverStick Stainless Steel Cookware Set

  • A whole bunch of pots and pans
  • NeverStick is a special nonstick coating Ninja invented for pots and pans that are super not sticky
  • You know they’re good, because you can’t name a brand Ninja and then suck
  • Includes: 8" fry pan, 10.25" fry pan, 1.5qt saucepan w/ lid, 2.5qt saucepan w/ lid, 3qt sauté pan w/ lid, and a 6.5qt stock pot w/ lid
  • Official Ninja Video to tell you more
  • What are their favorite Guillermo del Toro film: they couldn’t agree; some said Pan’s Labyrinth, the others said The Shape of Water (Coming to a Boil)
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A Sticking Point

“What’s for dinner tonight, dad? Are you going to make spaghetti with your famous deconstructed meatballs and an artfully seared tomato sauce?”

“Uh, no.”

“Oh, then perhaps you’ll cook some chicken drumsticks using your innovative pre-bake pan-de-skinning method?”

“No, not those either.”

“So it’s your deconstructed omelets, then? With the charred onions and the blackened ham cubes? Served using your avant-garde pile-up plating technique?”

“Son, there’s something I need to tell you.”


“I’m gonna make crab cakes tonight.”

“Oh! Dad! You shouldn’t have! I didn’t expect your crab cake crumble before my birthday! What a pleasant surprise!”

“No, not a crab cake crumble. Crab cakes.”


“You see, son. I’ve been lying to you. Or not exactly lying to you so much as embellishing. All those words I use to describe the food I cook? Like, ‘deconstructed’ and ‘blackened’ and ‘pan-de-skinned’ and ‘crumble’? They’re all things I say to cover up mistakes I make.”

“Really, dad?”

“Yes, and I’ll tell you why: because I have been making our dinners on a set of truly terrible pans these last few years. Everything always sticks. But that changes tonight. Because today, the set I ordered from Meh arrived. They’re from Ninja, a great brand, and moreover, they’re not just nonstick; they’re NeverStick, meaning they feature an exclusive nonstick coating created at a temperature of 30,000°F for a reinforced bond that’ll allow for the easy release of food day after day, meal after meal.”

“Oh, okay.”

“What’s wrong, son? I thought you’d be excited.”

“No, I am. Really. But I guess it’s just that ‘crab cake crumble’ sounds fancy, whereas ‘crab cakes’ seem so simple.”

“Well then, son, I’ve got some great news: regardless of the pans’ coating, I’ll definitely still make a whole bunch of mistakes that I’ll try to pass off as gourmet. I promise.”


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