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Mystery Drone by Propel

  • $6 gets you a drone
  • Which drone?
  • Khhchhh-Khhhhccchh, sorry you’re cutting out
  • Model: PR0P3LL4-3LL4-3LL4-4-4
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Can You Solve it?

Ah, a mystery drone sale! What does that mean? It means you pay us $6, and we’ll send you a mystery drone.

But which mystery drone will it be?

The young starlet drone with a dark past?

Or perhaps the oil baron drone, whose fields have dried up at the same time as his marriage.

What about the heiress drone, who unbeknownst to those around her, has recently been cut out of her drone parents’ drone will, and if she doesn’t think fast will soon be out on the drone streets (i.e. the sky)?

Maybe you’ll go for the socialite drone. Or the socialite drone’s drone confidant, who has recently learned a drone secret that could be just as dangerous to keep as it is to tell.

You might end up with the drone reporter who uncovered a drone story he’s willing not to publish… for a price.

Or the drone who works at the drone museum, where he as access to any number of priceless drone artifacts, just one of which could pay off his massive gambling debts (and then some).

How about the drone who took out a large life insurance policy on her drone husband the week before she took him on a drone ski trip down one of the most dangerous drone mountains in the drone country?

Or the drone that once signed–

Oh, wait. Sorry. We must’ve misunderstood things: these aren’t drones from drone mysteries. The drone you get is the mystery. As in, you don’t get to choose which Propel drone we send you.

That makes more sense.

So give us $6 and we’ll send you a drone!

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