Mophie Powerstation Plus 12W 4,000mAh Charger with USB-C Cable

  • 4,000 mAh capacity
  • 12W fast-charging output for smartphones and tablets
  • A built-in USB-C Cable means one is always handy
  • Slim, compact, and universal
  • Buying more saves you even more, so we increased the purchase limit to 10
  • Need more charging options? Checkout our sale on SideDeal
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Just Like In the Mophies

“Clark? Clark!”

Danny cried out in the dark woods, branches slapping his face and snagging his shirt as he ran. He could hear one of them tear into the fabric and felt the cold night air sting what was likely a fresh cut, but he didn’t care. All that was on his mind was getting out of this forest, ideally with his friends.

Suddenly, there was a yell from somewhere to his right. It definitely sounded like Clark’s voice, maybe Kevin? Pausing for only a moment, he decided to run toward it. Within seconds, he came upon a house or cabin they’d passed as they trekked through the woods earlier that day. Given the circumstances, it would make sense for his friends once scattered to find some sort of landmark to reconvene. And with no phone service, there wasn’t much choice.

Walking into the dilapidated building, he turned on his phone’s camera and the light. Scanning the room, nothing stood out as living or having moved in years. Each step kicked up dirt and dust from creaky floorboards, making it harder to discern any movement other than that of the debris. A great cracking sound exploded around him as the section of floor he stood on snapped and gave way.

Coughing and sore, but mostly in one piece, he found himself in some sort of basement. Dirt floors, walls with various alcoves. It felt more like a catacomb.

As he adjusted to his new surroundings, shining light wherever he could, he caught a glimpse of something in the far corner. He almost passed right over it because of how still it was, but squinting through the still dusty air, he could make out a figure. It looked like Clark!

“Clark?” Danny asked with trepidation, holding his phone light as steady as he could at the figure who stood motionless, facing the corner.

And then the light went out. Danny shook the phone in his hand, butting it against his empty palm as if it were a faulty flashlight, as though shaking it would somehow make it turn back on. Grunting under heavy breaths, he swore to himself, “Damn battery’s dead.”

From the other side of the room, he heard a deep, unsettling voice dubbed over with several others of varying pitches reply, “Really? I swear, man, this would’ve been so cool.” Danny heard a heavy sigh of exasperation and what sounded like two arms slapping against sides in frustration.

“Sorry, man,” Danny apologized.

The demonic voice whined, “I had blood all over my arms, I was going to, like, bend over backwards and sort of crab walk at you with an unnatural quickness while hissing."

“Oh dude, no way, that sounds sick,” Danny admitted.

“Right? It would’ve been so effing metal.”

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