Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (New / Open Box)

  • You can get an Xbox controller with a case, some extra paddles and joysticks
  • Or you can just get the Xbox controller with one set of 4 paddles on the back
  • Works with PC too (if you use a USB cable or get a wireless adapter, not included)
  • More accessories can be purchased here and here. Ooooh, gold!
  • Is it sweet and alcoholic: No, but Casemates is selling some delicious mead, if that’s what you’re looking for
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Open Box, Game On

If you like the word box, buckle in, friend, because we have a real treat for you!

What we’re selling is an “open box” Xbox controller. Basically, the Xbox controller is entirely new, but the box has been opened. Actually in this case, you get no box at all… You see, “open box” is a term that can be utilized for items in a non-factory condition. But again, no one actually used this Xbox controller.

Now in terms of the controller you will receive from us, you have two options:

Option 1

You get an “open box” Xbox controller (the open box in this case being the box we ship it in, because it had to be open at some point for us to put something inside) bundled with a recertified case, an additional set of paddles, 4 more joysticks, and a d-pad for customizing your open box Xbox controller. That’s a box complete with Xbox gear for a great price.

Option 2

You get an “open box” Xbox controller with just the Xbox controller. I.e., when you open the sealed box we send you, you’ll find nothing but the aforementioned “open box” Xbox controller in bubble wrap. Will this result in a smaller box from us, considering all it will contain is an open box Xbox controller? Probably not. The box we use for the open box Xbox controller will probably be the same-sized box, whether your open box Xbox controller comes with the various customizable elements or not.

So, does that make sense, in terms of what to expect from this open box Xbox controller sale?

Great! Then get your order in! Oh, and if you need an adult beverage to accompany your gaming session maybe consider picking up some of the great Mead on offer over at Casemates. What? Are you surprised we said mead? Did you think we were going to recommend boxed wine?

Anyway, we gotta get going. We’re heading to the gym to do a little boxing, then hitting the basketball court to work on boxing out, then heading back to the office to spin some classical symphonies. Maybe one of Mozart’s, maybe one of Beethoven’s, maybe one of Bach’s. That sort of thing.

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